Camille $275

The perfect purple trilby, set with purple floral accents and a matching trim. For the woman who wants to be flirty with a little mystery to keep them guessing.

Candace $475

This treat is made from beautiful vintage beaver felt. She is topped off with a vintage moth adornment, black coque feathers and red hackles. A sweet crinoline flower puts Candace on the map.

Cindy $200

Made for its namesake, fun, witty and full of sass. Steampunk-inspired and eye-catching, for its colors alone; pictures do not do this hat justice.

Titania $275
This creation is appropriately named for the queen of the fairies. Each leaf is hand made from silk and adorned with a sweet Swarovski crystal. The flower is silk with fire and peach Swarovski crystals and a vintage center. All this is topped off with a little dragonfly to bring your midsummer's night dream to reality

Bella $250

She had always dreamed of being the bell of the ball. ...until a handsome stranger took her dreams from her. But don't feel sorry for Bella, she will have you in splendor made from red rabbit with handmade roses and an optional train in the back. Bella is the one that makes him regret he didn't call back.

Here Kitty Kitty $300

What girl wouldn't want to be the center of attention? This show stopper sports five foot-long ringtail pheasant feathers. It's sure to get the attention of everyone in the room, including your favorite cat.

Hatter $250

This medium size top hat is certainly something the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland may have worn. It is dressed in beautiful purple and green broccade with purple horse hair ribbon and feathers. The detachable pin in the front helps to finish the piece.

Burlesque Queen $350

The pictures do not do her justice. Adorned in rhinestones and hot pink brocade, she is sure to dazzle and shine. Only the best for the queen of burlesque!

Brent $200

He is a bit flashy, so he's not for the man who doesn't want to stand out. He is a beautiful green rabbit felt hat adorned with a polkadotted silk band. A sweet green removeable feather accent helps him set the stage.

Under the Big Top $250

She was a naughty girl at a sexy three-ring circus. She stopped the show and stunned the crowd with her red topper. And who would blame her? No one at all. They all wanted to know where she got her hat. But you dont have to worry. You're in the right place to find this wonderful red suade and lace top hat that simply says, "Go big or go home."

Courtesan $275

She is sultry and worldly, and sure to invoke desire. This handmade wire strut, sits perched on top of the head. She is wire-wraped with satin ribbon and trim and adorned with purple bows for accent.

The Venetian Hat $1,000

Inspired by the city of Venice, Italy, this hat and mask combo bring an old-world flare to the new world. Pink silk with an elegant lace overlay make this pair almost inseparable.

The Venetian Mask $350
The Venetian, inspired by the city of Venice Italy. This hat and mask combo bring an old world flare to a new world. Pink Silk with an eleagant lace orverlay make this pair almost inseparable.