Do you do childrenís hats?
While it is our goal to please the customer. At this time we do not make hats for children or pets. The work involved in a small hat is the same as it is for a larger one. As a result the prices you see currently on the site would still apply even if the hat were made smaller and most parents would not want to pay $60-$400 for a childís hat.

Can I send you fabric to make a custom hat?
However, the work involved in making a hat is very labor intensive. For that reason, there are no discounts offered for supplying your own fabric.

Why do I see stitches on my new hat?
The art of millinery is almost an entirely handmade craft. This means that more than likely your hat has been entirely hand sewn with few exceptions (some feather attachments, linings and head size trims may need to be machine sewn and on some occasions glue may be used.) Most everything is hand sewn and trims either handmade or other are hand sewn to the hat as often as possible. Because of this it is not uncommon to see an occasional stitch in your creation

I just saw a hat ( in a movie, in a store, on a friend etc.) that I love, can you duplicate it for me?
While I have the ability to duplicate another artist designs. It is our policy not to directly duplicate another artist work. There are several reasons for this. One we believe in upholding a high standard of ethics and we believe that making direct copies of anotherís work is in direct violation of this ethical code. Also we may not have access to the materials that the other artist has used. However that said if you have your heart set on a style that you have seen and have photos, we will not duplicate but we can and will enjoy making a similar one of a kind creation based on the hat of your dreams. Besides wouldnít you prefer to have something that is designed with you in mind?

My hat size is a 6 and 7/8thís, I know if from a manís hat that I tried on. Do I still need to measure?
Yes, the hat size of 6 and 7/8thís is a European measurement and done in centimeters. I measure my hat sizes in inches, following the how to measure guidelines on this site you should come up with a size in inches. Example would be 22 or a 22 Ĺ. If you send me a European head size I will ask you to retake the measurement. Please do not simply convert the size. Due to the handmade nature of this product I cannot guarantee a converted size will fit you, you must take the actual measurement as shown on the measuring page in order to be accurate and ensure a proper fit.

I notice there are a lot of womenís hats on your site, do you make menís hats?
We most certainly do. Because the majority of our clients are women we tend to have more womenís hats on hand then menís. Menís hats if ordered do constitute as custom, however if you keep checking our site you will find that we do list them from time to time. If you are interested in a mans hat please e-mail us with the details and weíll be happy to put you in the hat of your dreams.

Important Information Please read carefully.

The prices quoted here are subject to change. We will inform you of any changes at the time you place your order.

Please allow 8 Ė 10 weeks for custom made hats. In-stock items will be shipped as soon as the order has been processed, unless special arrangements have been made. Shipping costs will vary due to the variations and weight of the hat. We will send you a confirmation e-mail when we ship your package to inform you of the actual charge.

Bespoke Millinery
A nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the estimated price is due prior to starting your order. I will keep you informed of your hatís progress and the estimated date of completion. When the hat is completed, it will not ship until the balance is paid in full. I reserve the right to sell the hat if it is not paid in full after 60days. IF you have made changes to your order and your hat comes in OVER the estimated price, you will be charged for the overage. Please call or email for pricing

Group Orders:
Group orders are always welcome. Keep in mind thought that each hat is individually made and as a result there maybe slight variations in each hat. If you need hats for a group, please contact us for special pricing and arrangements. If your group is 5 or more you are eligible for a pricing discount as long as each hat is the same style, fabrics & trims. However, the 50% nonrefundable deposit and terms of Custom Orders above applies.

Returns & Exchanges:
1) Custom made or Special Order hats are NOT returnable, refundable OR exchangeable. 2) In-stock hats may be exchanged or returned for a refund IF they are returned unworn with the Christal Blu Creations hang tag still attached and in a clean & resalable condition.

Methods of Payment:
We are sorry but we do not accept personal checks. We do however accept Cashierís Check or Money Order made payable to Christal Hayes. We also accept Visa, Discover & Master Card. Please do not send cash.

Gift Services:
We can gift wrap your purchase for an additional $3.00 per item. Your message will also be included. Shipping will be charged for each separate address. Gift Certificates are also available in any amount over $10.00.


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